We provide all-inclusive services

In the world of numbers where everything is calculative we provide our highly furbished services to prepare and retain statutory of your annual accounts records for your convenience. It not only assists you as a businessperson, but it also helps your directors to identify the financial positioning of your business and to prepare report over it. Our young, dedicated, experienced and friendly staff will check your annual accounts and ensure that they comply with all necessary legislation requirements whether it is about Companies Act or about accounting standards.

Most interestingly our accounts services are open for anyone with the facility of day to day bookkeeping. The format of the books is available in any format and can be designed as per specific client instructions.

Accounts Management

We manage your accounts for you. In the cooperate world it is really important to have your accounts managed properly by the accountants. So, there is no need to worry about your accounts management. Our special expert team of accountants deals with the management accounts section. The accurate financial information is very crucial for the decision making process of any decision. The best decisions can only be made on the basis of financial information. We manage accounts for our clients on monthly, quarterly and periodic cycle on the basis of our clients’ preferences. Moreover, our team will also accentuate key performance indicators for you. It doesn’t ends up here our expert team of accountants become a part of your team and assist you at every step to achieve your planned business goals. So, RMA Accountants Limited not only work for their clients rather they work with their clients too to make their business grow with fast pace.

Tax planning

The planning of tax is as important as the planning of business to achieve its goals for it is the tax which decides the destiny of any business. Our team of tax experts works closely with our clients and make sure that they pay the minimum tax under the jurisdiction of law. We guide our clients how they can conduct their affairs in a tax efficient manner.

To save your time from tax administration and its official paperwork requirements, get our team expertise from taxation to planning and their administration. We provide tax planning for both individual and corporate sector:

Individual Tax

We provide our services to help you in making sound investment decisions besides availing various rebates and deductions on your annual self assessment Tax Returns. Furthermore, we will also guide you on capital gains tax, wills and inheritance tax planning as well.

Corporate Sector

We provide proper planning on the taxation system to our clientele and their businesses. We guide our clients throughout the process of proper tax planning, transaction support and compliance.

Tax returns

Our services are not only limited to the taxation planning process only. We will rather help you in managing and reporting your tax by registering you with local legal taxation authorities, calculating CIT returns and other relevant taxes, submission of tax returns to legal taxation department after their complete preparations, processing of tax liability payments, management of tax audits. Furthermore, we work as a liaison builder to facilitate a dialogue between you and relevant authorities. We provide you the best practices and deep knowledge about the legal taxation customs and regulations while removing the complexity of linguistic and tax framework for your better understanding.

Business advisory

For the best and smooth running of any business a proper business plan supported by the proper financial assistance is the necessity. Your tax positioning, personal liability, finance raising ability, records and accounts keeping besides your management decisions are highly affected by your business structure. Future cannot be predicted beforehand, but the right decisions can be taken to build the better future. Business plan of any business is very important from the setting up of its goals to its execution and financial forecasting.

We have a special team of business advisors who will help you in developing your business plan and its up gradation in the light of financial and tax implications. Moreover, our advisors will help you in devising the best strategy for starting and running your own business successfully from time to time. This continuously revising strategy programme of your business under the supervision of our business experts will help you in the real time achievement of your business and its growth.

In todays fast pace economies exiting one business and entering into a new one is no more a big deal rather a wise decision for the continuous growth and progress of one for one industry cannot thrive forever. Before the introduction of cell phones in the markets there were customer call centers and call booths which with the passage of time has become extinct so it become a need for all call centers providers to either change their industry or adopt the new trends in their industry to keep running with the time. In case, if you want to exit your current business and want to enter into the new originating industry then no worries, our team of experts will help you plan your exit at least 3 years in advance which will help you to get your tax affairs in order to reduce your tax liability on leaving the business and allows time to get the business into a saleable condition.

Company secretarial

RMA Accountants Limited takes a special care in your recurring compliance filings, managing routine corporate changes and in retrieving any official corporate documents from official registries that your business strategies may require. We equip businesses with the cost control strategies with the clear visibility of their standing in national and international markets. We offer the following secretarial services to our clientele:

  1. Services of directorships and officers
  2. Entity Management
  3. Corporate Entity Report Formulation
  4. Identification of non-compliance areas
  5. Provision of registered or process agent
  6. Registering office as an official address of your company
  7. Corporate Structuring
  8. Common Reporting Standards
  9. Administrative Services
  10. Special Purpose Vehicles Services

Company formation

We will help you in the formation of your company by providing you with our special services in the following areas:

  1. Business Plan development and designing
  2. Business Structuring
  3. Financial Forecasting
  4. Tax planning
  5. Tax Returns
  6. Financial Consultancy
  7. Financial Flow
  8. Financial and Tax implications


Payrolls and their maintenance is a time taking process. Our special payroll department deals with payrolls system without any interruption to save your both money and time. We provide cost-effective solutions to our clientele through our complete payroll services no matter what size of your business is. We deal with all aspects of your company’s payroll requirements by:

  1. regularly notifying you with monthly PAYE liability
  2. Get our expertise anytime on procedural changes
  3. Produce your payrolls on time consistent with RTI
  4. deal for you with Inland Revenue
  5. prepare and manage year end reporting and year end paperwork for you
  6. Maintain your employee records
  7. Pay directly into your employees bank accounts
  8. Submit your returns for you, if you are a contractor
  9. Keeps you updated with all legal requirements
  10. Inform you about all the changing requirements in taxation, national insurance and employment legislation while assisting you in devising the proper strategy in line with your business


Value Added Tax services (VAT) is a multi dimensional tax which is placed on value addition and is levied at every stage of sale. It is charged during the manufacturing and resale process. In addition to it, it also supports to look thoroughly into the rebating of tax paid on inputs and purchases. We ensure that you have fulfilled all the legal requirements and did not made the over payments. We provide you with the following highly effective and efficient services to deal with your business VAT requirements:

  1. VAT registration
  2. VAT planning and administration
  3. Filling Returns
  4. Payment on Return Submission
  5. VAT Recovery
  6. Internal Audit and Compliance
  7. Legal Advisory on VAT
  8. Guidance in the selection of most appropriate VAT scheme

Tax investigation insurances

Sometimes your little bit negligence about the taxation process and implications makes you a subject of tax investigation. If you are facing any investigation by the concerned authorities on individual Tax Returns or employer-related investigations into PAYE and P11d compliance then congratulations you are at the right platform. We will provide you with our annual insurance policy which will help you and your business to keep on moving without expecting the unexpected cost.